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Do you live or study in Piagge? Amir offers a series of special and free visits and workshops aimed at schools, summer camps, families, after-school activities. An opportunity to get to know the museums, collections and monumental complexes of Florence and Fiesole together with Amir's mediators.

AMIR4ALL was created thanks to the contribution ofCR Florence Foundationas part of "CULTURAL PARTICIPATION", the thematic tender that the Foundation dedicates to the support of cultural programs aimed at enhancing the active participation of the local community and the social inclusion of the suburbs.

a project by

Martin Luther King Consortium

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Association

Italian Society of Applied Anthropology

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Church of Santa Maria in Peretola

Ass. Together for Brozzi

Tours are only available on certain days*

Civic Archaeological Museum and Archaeological Area of Fiesole

Via Portigiani 1, Fiesole

*every Thursday

from 10 to 13

In the footsteps of the ancient peoples
Through the testimonies that the Etruscans, Romans and Lombards have
left in Fiesole, we can retrace the succession of ancient peoples and
of their cultures, capturing their many links with other civilizations.

Guided tour - Duration 1 h and ½

Bandini Museum

Via Portigiani 1, Fiesole

*every Thursday

from 10 to 13

Art is a boundless world of symbols: paintings are mines of symbols, which help us understand the characters depicted and their stories. Symbols often come from far away and are the result of the meeting of different cultures, ideas and people. For this they still have something to say to each of us.

Guided tour – Duration 1 h and ½

Primo Conti Museum

Via Giovanni Dupre 18, Fiesole

*every Wednesday

from 10 to 13

Create with AmirPainting workshop for children and teenagers

Educational workshop for children and teenagers, led by young ambassadors
of the Amir project who combine their skills and their imagination to make
create for the "young artists" a symbol of their traditions.
The boys will take home the elaborate product.

Workshop - Duration 1 h and ½

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Piazza della Signoria 1, Florence

*Monday through Friday

from 9.30 to 12.30

The world in a building:

The visit will allow you to discover this magnificent place with the eyes of those who have known it, arriving in Florence as a "new citizen", acquiring new points of observation, reading and analysis. Particular attention will be paid to the room of geographical maps, a window on the world between past and present.

Guided tour – Duration 1 h and ½

twentieth century museum

Piazza Santa Maria Novella 10, Florence

*from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 12.30

Open works

The visit will allow you to get closer to some works chosen thanks to the guidance of voices belonging to different cultures: the public will be able to observe forms, codes, meanings of Italian art of our time and understand how the work of art really is "open", capable of activating ever new forms of reflection, interpretation and dialogue, “active center of a network of inexhaustible relationships” (U. Eco).

Guided tour – Duration 1 h and ½

Museum of the Innocents

Piazza SS Annunziata 13, Florence

*Every Mondayfrom 11.00 to 13.00

The story of the oldest institution for children in the world, a collection of 80 works of art, the building designed in 1419 by Filippo Brunelleschi, considered the first example of Renaissance architecture: a unique place that combines past and present with a view to protecting the rights of minors. From the historical section to the art gallery, passing through the extraordinary historical archive, the visit itinerary allows you to delve into art and memory, witnessing a journey of hospitality that has never been interrupted since 5 February 1445, the day on which little Agata Smeralda was welcomed.

Church of Santa Maria in Peretola

Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 10, Florence

*available from February

The church is located in the suburb of Peretola, place of origin of the Vespucci family, from which the famous navigator Amerigo was born. It dates back to the 12th century and its structure still preserves an original Romanesque part. In the following centuries the church, administered by the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, was restored with important recovery works and enriched with many works of art, including a marble, bronze and glazed terracotta ciborium by Luca della Robbia, the first example of use of glazed majolica later made famous by the Della Robbia workshop.






 You can choose one or more visits or workshops. All activities are free. The activities can be carried out in Italian or in one of the mother tongues of the AMIR mediators

Do I book?

In museums: Up to 6 people  booking is not necessary, if you want to participate in a special activity or workshop, register via this link.

Confirm activity

To the museum

Try to arrive a few minutes before the activity. The starting point is the museum ticket offices. If you have difficulties, contact us!

In the case of a reservation, the secretariat will contact you again to confirm the planned activity, date and time or, if places are full, propose another date.

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