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Boboli's Garden

Entry points: Piazza Pitti, 1; Porta Romana, Via Romana (Anlenana entrance); Forte Belvedere 

Meeting point for visits: Amphitheatre, inside the garden.

The Medicis were the first to take care of the layout of the Italian garden model which became an example for many European courts. Today Boboli is a real open-air museum, with a rich botanical and artistic heritage, in which it is possible to fully grasp the spirit of court life and at the same time enjoy the experience of a garden that is always renewed in its seasons and respect for its tradition. 

Archaeological Area, Fiesole

Via Portigiani 1, Fiesole

The vast archaeological area of Fiesole allows us to make a journey through time and space in search of spontaneous species that have contributed so much to improving the daily life of the people who have lived through the various civilizations that have followed one another in the city. There will also be many trees: autochthonous, naturalized or exotic species, such as Osmanthus fragrans, which comes from the East.

Botanical Garden 

"Garden of the Simple"

Via Per Antonio Micheli 3, Florence

The Botanical Garden is the third oldest in the world, founded by Cosimo I de' Medici in 1545.

In about 2 hectares there are outdoor flower beds and greenhouses. Among the collections present we mention: medicinal and poisonous, food, cycads, ferns, aquatic, citrus fruits, palms, succulents, monumental trees. It has been created  a tactile and odorous in the hothouse and in the outdoor flower beds for the visually impaired and blind. 

Garden of the Primo Conti Foundation, Fiesole

Via G. Duprè 18, Fiesole

The name of the fifteenth-century villa 'Le Coste' takes us back to the ideal sunny place for the production of vines, a plant that has been present throughout the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years. A space dedicated to a vegetable garden and orchard, but, even more relevant, inside the Villa, there is the presence of an oil mill and its surrounding olive trees. The olive tree, a plant from Asia Minor and Syria which, after a long journey, lands on the hills of Fiesole starting from the 6th century BC. There is also a suggestive rose garden and secular cypresses.


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