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Museo del Novecento

The Museo Novecento is dedicated to 20th-century art and offers a selection of works from the civic collections: among these, of great value are the Alberto Della Ragione Collection - which includes great masterpieces - and the Ottone Rosai bequest. In addition to the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, exhibition cycles and special projects present the public with thematic and multidisciplinary insights into the different artistic languages of the twentieth century.


duration of 1h 30
For visits to the Museo Novecento, please contact the educational area of write to or call 055-2768224

Open Works

The visit will allow you to get closer to some works chosen thanks to the guidance of voices belonging to different cultures: the public will be able to observe forms, codes, meanings of Italian art of our time and understand how the work of art really is "open", able to activate ever new forms of reflection, interpretation and dialogue, "active center of a network of inexhaustible relationships" (U. Eco).


055 2768224

Woman and Artist

Among the artists present in the collection there is also a woman, Antonietta Raphaël, of Jewish-Lithuanian origin, Mario Mafai's life and art companion: her biographical events and her works, in dialogue with the numerous paintings in which the figure female is instead portrayed, will allow us to develop a reflection centered on women in the art of the Italian twentieth century.

**Visit for groups by reservation.

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