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Museo degli Innocenti

The story of the oldest institution for children in the world, a collection of 80 works of art, the building designed in 1419 by Filippo Brunelleschi, considered the first example of Renaissance architecture. A unique place that since 5 February 1445 - the day on which little Agata Smeralda was welcomed - unites past and present in the name of protecting the rights of minors.


duration of 1h 30

A long history of hospitality

The visit will allow you to learn about the centuries-old history of the Istituto degli Innocenti and today's reception practices. From the square to the art gallery, from the history section to the archive, passing through the renowned courtyards, the visitor will have the opportunity to rediscover a journey between art and memory, now enriched by the comparison with the gaze and the stories of the countries of origin of the AMIR mediators.

The profession of mother

February 1, 1445: Monna Chiara crosses the threshold of the Innocents. It will be the first wet nurse of which there is certain news. Here women have always played a fundamental role in welcoming and caring for children, an attention that the Institute still pursues thanks to its reception facilities for mothers and children. The unprecedented visit will offer the opportunity to rediscover the centrality of the female role for the Innocenti and to compare it with the realities of the countries of origin of the AMIR mediators.​

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