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"La Nave" Via della Sala 2h, Le Piagge
Temporary exhibitions


duration of 1h 30
These visits are made possible thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione CR Firenze as part of "PARTECIPAZIONE CULTURALE".
AMIR,  supports the "ilPrisma" project by offering a cycle of visits accompanied by Amir mediators on the occasion of the exhibitions organized at "La Nave" which will follow throughout the year.

from 8 April to
April 30, 2022

The exhibition “Bomberz!” (from bombing, a quick technique for leaving one's signature with a spray, and from bomber, a word that in slang indicates someone who fills the city with "tags"), promoted by the "ilPrisma" project, redesigns a space for those who over time he worked on the street leaving works that are part of the collective memory in Florence. As in a journey from the outside to the inside, this sort of "tabernacle" that is Art in the street moves from the city to the suburbs, more specifically inside an inhabited condominium. 

The BOMBERZ exhibition! will bring 6 artists who over the years have left their works on the walls and squares of the city, including Bue 2530, Moradi the Sedicente, Ero, Exit, Rmogrl8120, Mìles.​

**Visit for groups by reservation.

Il seminatore di Millet
from 30 June to
July 31, 2022

The collective exhibition of five young artists, hosted in the condominium spaces of one of the Navi delle Piagge, aims to read and interpret Millet's work "Il Seminatore" [The sower] with new interpretations, addressing the symbolic act of sowing and analyzing its its different meanings through subjective interpretations. The sower, therefore, represents a symbolic figure suspended in time which, however, can still be compared as it is profoundly current and imbued with the same problems of today's man. Furthermore, the exhibition refers to the idea of "sowing art" as a slow and complex process that can generate results, reflections and sensations and represent the starting point for the birth of new artists.

**Visit for groups by reservation.

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