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Museo di Palazzo Vecchio

For over seven centuries the Palazzo della Signoria, better known as Palazzo Vecchio, has been the symbol of civil power in Florence and one of the most important museums in the city. Built between the end of the thirteenth century and the beginning of the fourteenth century, over time it has been the subject of numerous expansion and transformation interventions; its layout is largely due to the grandiose renovation works carried out in the mid-sixteenth century at the behest of Cosimo I de' Medici. After the Medici transfer to Palazzo Pitti, it continues to house the cloakroom and government offices until it became the seat of the Municipality of Florence in 1871


duration of 1h 30
For visits to the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio, please contact the teaching area write to or call 055-2768224

Horizons, new perspectives on the building

Palazzo Vecchio has been the beating heart of Florentine public life for centuries and is still today the official seat of the Municipality of Florence, as well as a museum of itself with its splendid monumental rooms. The visit will allow you to discover (or rediscover) this magnificent place through the eyes of those who knew it, arriving in Florence as a "new citizen". Participants will then be guided by voices belonging to different cultures to visit the historic building of the city in a new way.


055 2768224

Stories of women

The visit will focus on the presence of the female figure in the rooms of the Florentine government building, from the Middle Ages to the present day, with particular attention to the Duchess Eleonora di Toledo - whose 500th anniversary of birth occurs in 2022, Spanish by birth and never well liked by Florentines - and to women of every rank and condition in his entourage.

**Visit for groups by reservation.

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